Yesterday I surprised our 6 year old son Cannon by turning his hair his favorite color GOLD with some Hair Makeup! He had no idea until It was time to hop off of his Roblux game to come help mommy with a tiktok and his reaction was epic nonetheless.

I think this is a super cool way to let your kids express theirselves and try different things before they actually permanently decide to do anything crazy or you could try these fun colors on yourselves.

For best results you should apply to wet detangled hair and then let dry/form a cast and come back scrunching afterwards to break the cast. if that makes sense. if you'd like an actual tutorial on how to do this please let me know in the comments below and i'll make sure to film that for you guys. 

Check out how gold/blonde we were able to get Cannon's hair on the first try !! 


  • Chad

    Love it

  • Nevaeh

    I really love your advice and think you are a good mom for me my mom doesn’t even care about my emotions or anything about me she always makes me feel so sad 😭 I wish my mother was like you

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