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I have been working on this 3-month totally hyperlinked digital self care notebook since last year 2022! I wanted to make sure that It was absolutely perfect for you all in my eyes, and would love to hear your feedback on It as well. This is my "secret digital notebook" that i'm constantly using throughout my tiktok videos to conquer my daily tasks.

This notebook features 7 incredible sections including:

  1. TO-DO
  2. GOALS
  3. DIET
  7. NOTES



This is truly an all in one, all inclusive self love journal which I hope inspires you as much as It has myself to get creative and stay organized to get the best results throughout each day! 

The to-do list is divided into multiple sections including a month by month, week by week, day by day, and even hour by hour break down! You can't get as detailed as you'd like with this gem! This is my absolute favorite part of the notebook!


In the Goals section you will find 3 main sections including baseline, mindset, and goals! This is where you will get really honest with yourself and start the exciting stages of loving yourself, and taking care of yourself. As a mother, sometimes I forget to schedule myself in, but not in 2023. Us girlies are making sure to take care of us so we can take care of the fam!


The Diet section includes a weekly grocery list and meal planning tracker which is great for staying on track with your nutrition goals!

The Fitness section will help you track your daily/weekly exercise regimen and how your progress is going along the way! Also included in this section is a cardio & weight tracker to help maximize your fitness goals!

Next another favorite section of mine is for beauty including skin, hair and nails. This section will allow you to pay close attention to each and every product you are placing on your face, skin, nail, hair etc. so you can hopefully pin point any items that may be triggering and skin, hair or nail irregularities!


Also included in this notebook is a period, mood and sleep tracker and 5 section dividers plus 10 paper templates for your use of any additional items you may want to jot down that are not within the notebook template itself.


I truly am so proud of this project and am so excited to share It with you all, I had no idea how many of you would be excited to share this with me, so I hope you enjoy It just as much as I do!










- This planner has been optimized for use on the GoodNotes app but can also be used on other tablet devices and notetaking apps which support PDF annotations and hyperlinks
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- Please note that this planner has been built for use digitally rather than printed

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