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in Jul 20, 2022

Hi parents! Today I wanted to share with you all the details of our most recent Jurassic World movie night. It was pretty epic, and a proud boy mama moment for me. So obviously, all of these items are not necessary for an absolutely amazing movie night, however they did help bring the night alive and gave our boys a ton of entertainment for the evening. Below I'm going to share my checklist for the evening and you can pick and choose/ add and take away as you will. My goal is to just inspire you to spend some good old quality time with those kiddos before school starts back up and they get too big because we all know they won't be little forever. It goes so so fast!


1. Jurassic Mom

So to start off our Sunset Movie Night I had to get into character. I dug deep for this one in the boys toy box and found the Jurassic World Chomp and Roar Mask, It is unfortunately sold out at the moment, but you can get notified when It will be back in stock. I paired that with this snakeskin jump suit that I had from forever ago and some clear snakeskin heels. (I forget where they are from) I was going for the entire reptilian aesthetic okay lol.

2. Outside Activity

So for our outdoor activity I wanted something fun and memorable for the boys! Don't get me wrong, I usually only go all out for birthday parties, but I wanted to make this movie night epic so we rented a huge Dinosaur Bounce House Slide Combo and the boys had so much fun playing until the sun went down!

3. Set Up Movie Area

This was by far my favorite part because I really got to bring the entire movie night together here! My younger boys are HUGE fans of plushie animals and anything extremely SOFT, so any jurassic world plushie I could get my hands on I immediately grabbed! They also had the cutest Pajamas, and my personal favorites were the Glow N The Dark Throw blankies and the Jurassic World Projector. The Projector has 4 different colors I believe orange, blue/white, purple and green, and they project the cutest floating dinosaurs above on the ceilings! So cute I'll link everything here:

Jurassic World Projector

Jurassic World Glow N The Dark Throw Blankets

Jurassic World Dec Pillow Gray

Jurassic World Beige T-Shirt

Jurassic World Raging T-Rex Pillow Buddy

Jurassic World T-Rex Throw Pillow Blue

Jurassic World Floor Cushion Dino Print

40" x 54" Jurassic World Rug

Jurassic World Bed Rest

Boys' 2pc Jurassic World Snug Fit Pajama Set

4. Pajamas

Movie night theme pajamas are optional, but they are so stinking cute and literally added to the memories we shared this evening. The boys sets are linked above. I'm going to make them match jammies as long as they'll let me lol.

5. Popcorn

Movie nights are most definitely incomplete without popcorn, you can get super fancy and add your favorite candy to your popcorn to spice It up a bit. Sometimes we will add M&Ms or twizzlers. You can't go wrong here!

6. Movie

This is the best part! Watching the movie. Soak up these moments you guys, listen to how your kids react and respond to their favorite parts. What were the highlights of the movie that really made It special for them. You can write these moments down in a journal or keep a mental record for reference. Again, I really just want to encourage you to love on those kiddos and let them know they are important enough to spend some time with. I love you all so much and I hope you enjoy reading these blogs because I enjoy creating them for you all xoxo

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