Our Boys First Red Carpet Event

We drove over 300 miles to take our boys on a road trip for a HUGE surprise! We had the pleasure of taking them to their first ever red carpet event. Paramount Pictures is launching a new movie Paws of Fury this weekend in theater only, and they invited us to their official studios to walk the carpet and join the premiere.

At the premiere launch they had so many activities for the kids and amazing food and beverages to stay full and hydrated as well! We had a great time and I absolutely loved the message of this movie for kids and parents. It really focuses on inclusivity no matter what you look like or stereotypes you've been categorized into. In the movie, the dog is the "outcast' and he is thrown into an army of cats to be their new leader. No one believes in him, but eventually they all learn to work together in a comedic, yet very entertaining way. I feel like this is such a great show to teach the importance of accepting and loving one another for who you are.

The boys were so excited to share their new outfits with everyone. I'm going to share Cannon and Caedon's look below. They both wore the same Nude Shirt with the cutest little Striped Shorts . We found Caedon the most adorable gray Suede Driving Shoe and Cannon wore some Nude Sneakers he already had. We chose to accessorize with these Metallic Frame Sunglasses and these navy blue Woven Belts. We really hope you enjoyed their looks. Let us know how we did, and if you'd like more posts like these. :)







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