Sunset Playtime Must Haves

Hi mamas! I wanted to share some of our favorite summer time essentials from this week's sunset playtime! You can improvise according to your location. However, for our boys, the summer months are some of the hardest because the triple digit weather streak throughout makes It difficult for us to enjoy summer throughout the day!


Planning is life! I've been keeping organized with my iPad Air 5  and I use "GoodNotes" in combination with the "2022-23 PORTRAIT MIDYEAR DIGITAL PLANNER - BLACK" from Good Mondays Paper. I recently converted over to digital planning and It has been life changing to say the least. I feel so much comfort knowing that I can add, change and take away from my current day. My plans are always changing and sometimes i'm not always able to finish my to-do list, so I have found digital planning really helps me keep It together! Sharing more on this sunset playtime's to do list next.



We love using the Stanley Toddler Cups. They are so convenient during the hot summer months. They are a bit pricey however they do share the quality to match. They are fully leakproof and great for the kids. They keep drinks cold for 7 hours and iced for up to 35 hours. Great summertime win if you ask me. We also used them while at Disney and the boys drinks stayed cold the entire day we were there!


Our Sunset Playtime snack consists of preparing their favorite fresh fruits on these Silicon Suction Plates. They are not so necessary for the older children, but they make a huge difference in our younger baby Caedon, who loves to throw food everywhere! It's so important to keep our littles hydrated to prevent the various conditions their small bodies can suffer from being in the sun for extended periods of time.

I add some Honest Juice pouches to the fridge for extra hydration, just in case! They are one of the healthier juice options in my opinion.


I'm always giving our kids simple and fun ways to play outside and stay entertained. This evening I brought out some of their favorite pool toys:

Let me know what are some ways that you spend time with your kids and keep them entertained throughout these months of heat waves? Would love to hear your feedback on these posts. Looking forward to sharing more with you all.




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